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i can see clearly now na na na na…


I’m singing now and happily so because as that famous line says, i can see clearly now, but it’s not because of the rain or the clouds have left but it’s because i finally had the time to get my eyes checked. I knew something was wrong with them because reading letters from a distance are getting harder and harder and I can’t see the faces of people on the mall walking from a distance from me. Friends might have thought i was some sort of a snob if somehow i would not give a nod when we happen to come across at the mall but the truth is i can hardly see your faces. It’s like a big dot to me walking from a far. Continue reading

God’s not dead, must see for believers and none

God’s not dead 2014

I’m talking about this movie -> The title says it all and it’s what this movie is all about. The message is really simple, it makes us realize that God is there, that our God is real and that we should all be living for God and that everything here on earth is temporary. God should be our ultimate Goal, not wealth, not health and physique, not fame, not earthly happiness but a real relationship with God. Don’t get me wrong though, i do not mean that making money is bad, nor is working hard for your health to be better but if you let these things your purpose for living then you’re making a huge mistake. Some might argue that they want to be wealthy so that they can take care of there children’s future and that is correct, no arguments but in gaining this wealth are we sidetracking our relationship with God? You can have all the money and I guarantee you that without God’s blessing and grace your children’s future are not secured. How many rich kids life ended up in a complete mess? Talk about excessive partying, doing drugs and just living carelessly and happy-go-lucky. Now with all those money, yes you’re child seems happy living life to the fullest but are you really happy about it? Continue reading

My CLP experience

you got it right. CLP, it’s Christian life program. If you reached this blog you probably already heard of CLP through a friend who invited you or probably have read it on facebook on someone’s posting.

So what is CLP in a nutshell? firstly this is a religious activity, that’s a given. It consists of 13 weekdays, 1 day on each week for 13 weeks succession, that will require you to attend and sit down for like 2-3 hours of your time. So example if your CLP day is on a saturday then each saturday on the next 13 weeks you will devote it to CLP, most probably same time every saturday. What’s gonna happen on that 13 saturdays? On the first saturday, this is important, this is the Orientation. So for what it’s called, it is what it is. You’ll be oriented of what this CLP is all about and what you need to do and what you’ll expect and of course a lot of encouragement from the guys who already have finished CLP. I actually missed this orientation day for some reasons (how i regret it later though). The next 12 saturdays are like a seminar format, wherein they have a speaker, usually elder members of the couples for christ or priests, they call it talks. Each talks has different topics although they are inter related. They are all about the formation of couples, lives as individuals forming with God on the center. After each talks couples will be grouped, albeit separately. All husbands forms a group of 3-5 members same with wives. Husbands get to discuss with other husbands and wives get to discuss with other wives. Each group will have a discussion leader, they are usually elder members of the couples for Christ, not necessarily older but let’s think of them as the guys who also went to CLP 2-3 years before you. Then of course, since it’s a long talk and the members understandably will get hungry, and here’s my favorite part (kidding!) there is food. yummy delicious food. So to sum up, there’ll be talks, discussions, prayers and worship songs for 13 days spread on 13 weeks. Continue reading

gift o’ gift. any ideas?

care to help me what gift to put inside this box?

care to help me what gift to put inside this box?

In about 23 days from now, she’ll be celebrating her 29th birthday and we’ll be celebrating our 2nd civil wedding anniversary. It is an event for her and a big day really and she’ll be expecting something from me. I acknowledge that it is my rightful duty to give her a gift because she deserves it, really. She being nothing but a good wife for me and a good parent for glee, there are occasional clashes of differences between me and her but those are trivial and doesn’t count really on her real character. My wife i know this is a really advance post but i need to write this one down so that somehow if anyone gets to read this post maybe they can send me a comment or message me if they got any gift ideas. Continue reading

Life – FB = refreshed

15 days ago, for some odd reasons, partly maybe because of my grief to my dog who just died at that time, I decided to do the unthinkable. *SOUND INTRO* *TADA*  … I blocked facebook in my desktop! yes really, sounds crazy or dramatic or call it what you may but yes i blocked facebook! Some will maybe raise an eyebrow and will say that i can’t sustain this craziness and maybe one day i will login and post a stupid status updated. They maybe right but then again they maybe wrong too. Nobody knows what the future holds and that is a fact but what’s real at the moment though is that you can’t login to facebook using my desktop. You can login using you cellphones or laptops because i did not block it in my router so in essence if i wanted to i can still login to facebook. I just needed to do this first step to unshackle my life from what seems to be over information brought about reading anything and everything on facebook. Before anything else you might want to look at the screenshot of how my monitor looks like when you are trying to access facebook.

Screenshot from 2013-10-30 05:48:01 Continue reading

What is it that makes us happy?


this is the sort of question one asks when someone has encountered a road block to somewhat seem an endless happiness.
yeap. i'm not sure if i constructed that first sentence right, but i just wrote it and if you may, read that line again on Dr. Suresh' voice.  If you did not watch “Heroes” series then just forget about it.

ok. so what makes us happy?

we'll the answer ain't that really hard to find. i know for some people. Let's not look far and just look on what's infront of us at this time. Literally, our computers, well smartphones for some techies. Ok so let's open our favorite online hangout. which is? you guess it right. Facebook. just go over your newsfeed and there you can see endless posts which does at some extent signify happiness for some. There are exceptions though when some select few posts about rants and unluckiness, and unhappiness, and sadness and what have you. I understand them perfectly. Let's get back to the positive side, and let's look at the happy faces, the happy smiles. What do you see? You want to be in their shoes at that very moment. right?! Please tell me i am right? So there you go, I guess that's what happiness is or atleast that's what happiness is about. So let's have an example, actually let us have a lot of example and try to list them as guide to our quest for finding happiness.

Ok so someone post about eating a mouth watering food. Someone posts about her favorite shoes. Someone posts about their new house or new car. Someone posts about her favorite pet. Someones posts about him dating her pretty girlfriend and sometimes posting kissing her on her cheeks. Someone posts about excelling in his chosen sport. Someone posts about getting a high mark on an exam. Someone posts about achieving greatly in his career. Someone posts about listening to his favorite song. Someone posts about hanging out with his circle of friends. Someone posts about getting drunk. Someone posts about how lovable there pet is. Someone posts about getting together with his family. Someone posts about there newborn baby. Someone posts about their recently concluded vacation. Someone posts about landing his favorite surf trick. Someone posts about… well umm it's getting boring honestly but with the examples i pointed you have a clue about what happiness is and it should be clear by now right? Continue reading

I beat Facebook’s identifying friends’ photo verification

…well sort of. 🙂


So recently someone asked me if I know anything about restoring facebook accounts. She said facebook kind of locked her account. She added that she could still use her login credentials to login to facebook but after the login page she is greeted by a certain account verification process. She described it as identifying your friends on photos. I told her that i haven’t encountered anything like that. I asked her if she violated any of the facebooks terms and she said maybe. She said maybe because she used a false name and that maybe because she carelessly confirm friend requests even to people she does not personally know. So being the IT guy I told her i’ll see what i can do but i won’t promise anything. I saw the worry on her face and the look of regret for losing a good year of data when she heard what i said.

Ok, so what I did is, just like everyone else(yes, you got it) I googled about it. I was surprise that there are a LOT of people complaining about this. Some reasoned that they have like 5000 friends and that they can’t memorize the faces of them all. Some also said the pictures that facebook asked to be indentified are not faces but places or things which of course makes it impossible for a user to identify. So to cut the long story short, I have not found any solution online. I’m not sure though, maybe it’s not just my google day. You know there are days which you are lucky to find quickly the solution using google and there are days that no matter what you do it’s not just there.

I don’t want to disappoint her. I need to think of a way to beat facebook’s system. While at the same time the pessimistic side of me kept saying that facebooks system is fool proof. I took it as a challenge. It was a good mind boggling problem solving session. I then formulate an approach and then because i know how to code I used it to my advantage. So if you ask me if I beat that feature of facebook, I can proudly say yes. Continue reading online shopping haven for pinoys

The first time I came across was on TV. I think my wife was watching Princess and I at that particular time then on every commercial break the lazada ad caught my attention. Specifically the part where it said Cash on Delivery. I said to my wife, wow is that for real? So being in the internet 24/7 i quickly browsed their website. It did not take long for me to familiarize the websites interface, of course it helped that i am a web developer by profession, but the site has a simple yet very comprehensive layout. Kudos the guys who developed that site, you are online shopping cart masters without a doubt. So while browsing, many gadgets on sale where presented to me and seemed like tempting me like crazy. Though sorry to say, i can’t be tempted by these gadgets no more. Well honestly. i kinda talked to my wife about buying a macbook pro for apple apps development and I said to her lazada would be perfect as at that time there was somewhat of a discount though not much but still it’s a discount. My wife instantly trounced that idea, reasoning that we have a house to take care of. We still need to finance for the tiling of the floor and building of the fence and gates. So that idea was really shortlived but still i had fun browsing about the macbooks, asus laptops, and more gadgets that i think i can use but clearly the intention of buying is slim. Continue reading

Zoo York State of Mind Premieres in Manila

Zoo York has a lengthy and flavorful history, starting from the earliest days in the ’70s and ’80s when Zoo York was simply a collective of creative skaters, graffiti artists, b-boys and punks getting down for themselves in NYC. In 1993 OG East Coast skaters Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gesner and Adam Schatz turned the vibe and storied name into the beginning of the company we know today. A barrage of raw, gritty urban output followed in the form of skaters from the streets getting together with artists and musicians from the streets to create shoes, apparel and skate gear with always-legit NYC heart and soul in the mix, and the look and feel spread around the world with a quickness. In the following years, Zoo blew up and became a huge brand name known everywhere. They’ve managed to keep their East Coast roots strong while expanding their reach, and 2009 finds them dropping a new video (their first in many years) with a largely new crew of team riders.

Catch the Zoo York State of Mind premiere on these dates:
June 20 5PM- Robinsons Place Ermita/ SM Megamall Atrium
June 21 5PM- SM Mall of Asia/ Trinoma Mall

facebook fever

yup2.. im on facebook now. After long years of refraining from joining any social networking or community sites I finally decided to signup and try out facebook. I didnt signup because i want to use those craps like connected with everyone and find someone crap, I just want to try out the now fastly growing facebook api. Facebook offers freedom for developers to build apps inside their facebook flatform. You have to let yourself be familiar with how facebook works, the modules, sections etc and most importantly how facebook works. In addition to their api, they have developed some facebook exclusive tags know as fbml and their javascript safe counterpart the fbjs which means facebook markup language and facebook javascript respectively. There are some couple others but just more advance but ill not go in to that. Continue reading