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Baby glee has arrived!

My wife, Guia and I, were expecting this baby around 1st week of December and her due date was Dec. 6 as estimated by her OBgyne and amazingly the OB got the date perfect. Baby glee was born last Dec. 6 2012. Glee is just her nickname, our daughter’s fullname is Ghleanna Makiyah Lambo which my wife personally picked. I picked another name though, but you know these pregnant mom’s it’s hard to argue with them. lol. I even sweet talked my wife to name her like 4 letters example “Thea”, how i arrived with that? secret. my wife knows. Anyways my wife wanted the name longer and hence that name was chosen.

Ok. So the arrival of baby glee was not so smooth sailing. Around 2 weeks prior to Guia’s delivery date her doctor IEd her and found out she was like 4cm something and so she was asked to be admitted immediately. Guia, being a nurse by profession, knew very well that she is not in feeling any symptoms or the labor pains yet so she postponed it thinking she will just feel it the following day. Days passed and she grew restless and worried why the baby hasn’t come out yet. I always tell her that baby comes out when the baby is ready. A line I got reading from yahoo answers of some experienced mother. That proved helpful. Continue reading

Don’t mind how i constructed that title its just how the scene releases for torrents are formatted and it quite affected my outlook towards arranging group of words.

And oh, the word greet. Its nothing, ahh… butt ahh.. umm.. yeah oh i remembered. tomorrow is the day. Yes tomorrow is my birth*UC*KINGday. and guess what? nahh.. theres nothing for you to guess. same fucking crap. Birthday is just a mark on a calendar year to remind you that your days are almost over. Oh gosh, i hope i am not writing my own premonition or else i could easily appear on TV as the man having predicted his destiny. Continue reading


you had it right my friend.1236468.jpg

this author is sick. :(

damn, why did it happen at this time when i feel like I really want to go out and have fun coz its “Araw ng Dabaw”.

Anyways, I had felt this condition for sometime already. I just neglected it thinking it was just maybe due to stress and perhaps some pressure towards work and many more unwanted feelings and problems that just happens like it is to each one of us. I am talking about my heart, yes my damn heart. I never thought i had a weak one. Well considering i havent exercised lately since i last ride my skateboard around early January. Too bad, i should have.

There was a time when i was into jogging on early mornings i was quite surprised why my heart seems to explode when in fact i ran only a few meters. I said to myself maybe it was just due to the fact that i haven’t been into an extraneous exercise on the same level recently and also maybe it was because i occasionally smoke and drink but when that happens, i drink and smoke like there is no tomorrow (what a shame!). Though there were some thoughts that lingered in my mind that maybe something is wrong with my heart, but it never did occur to me that it will worsen in the immediate future. Damn i was wrong!

So how did i knew?

It was just last tuesday, when i felt dizzy and felt that my chest have been pushed down by some weight (though not really on the extreme), I also have trouble breathing. It was maybe past 6pm when me and my girlfriend mimi went to the dining table to eat that i felt really dizzy and decided not to continue and head to the sala and lie on the floor and maybe hope the condition eases. And then i told my mama about it and she said maybe it was just “panuhot” but my gut tells me otherwise. I insisted not to go to the hospital because i was very afraid that the doctor might say “he is a candidate for open heart surgery!” Shhhyyyt! give me a shotgun now and im gonna blew up my own head! well still they convinced me to go to checkup and i was really terrified of the thought. And they accompanied me at SPC, My mama, papa and my gf mimi. Ma and mimi went with me inside the ER and then i was under check up and the doctor said that i will undergo ECG. what the hell is that? Am i gonna be put inside some machines and have my heart run thru a computer. Thank God that wasnt the case, it was just some devices clip to your chest and some parts of your body and it will produce lines about your heartbeat. Hell i have no idea what is that.

So afterwards, the doctor told me and my mama that im not gonna be on a heart attack! that it seemed normal. phew! I was relieved. The doctor said that it MAYBE a muscle congestion. which probably is a lighter case. im kinda relieved. so we went home and  bought the medicine and i took em and now im slowly recovering. I have consumed all my meds and i hope my case would not worsen. I will stay away for awhile on some activities that might cause stress and perhaps stop those late night gimmicks. Cut the cancer sticks, the booze. In short my life will be miserable for sometime but what can I do. :(

and oh before i forgot, that incident might have triggered by what I have been doing the night before. I was drinking with my friends Morn, Sandi, Irvin till 5am take note 5am! When i arrived home my mama was already preparing breakfast. I told you, when i drink I drink like there is no tomorrow.

So just a head up guys, you might be surprised I will not be on a drinking session for a long while. Since currently, i can still feel that there is somehting not right with my heart. My mom told me we should go to a specialist and i didnt agree I just said that its just ok if I just took some timeout and let my heart recover. something like sleep early for a month and just read some good books and watch movies, stress-free!. Afterall i know that whatever happens, It will all be God’s will.

and p.s. i heard red wine is good for the heart  <— err! “i didn’t type this one, My Alter Ego did!”

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looking around

This really is about looking around, and I am not talking about what my eye sees around. I am writing about what is going on around, Perhaps i want to mean our world atleast.

Look back on your years of existence. Try to recall the times in which you can say it was the worst. Look at it not in a self centered way but rather look at it as a whole. Include all the people you know, the news you see and hear on tv and the things you have read. Try to compare it today. Can you feel that the world you are living today seems going to nowhere? I mean check the prices on the stores near you, Im not expert in economics but at least in my understanding the prices are skyrocketing. And you don't need any special education to know that our world is getting worst every time you wake up in the morning. Continue reading

tempus fugit

– a Latin expression meaning “time flees”.

So what's with the latin stuff? nothing I just tried a dramatic sounding title afterall this post is for my birthday. Yes, an increment again to my age. I celebrated it last april 30. Or not really a celebration because there was nothing special on that day except my mom bought A lechon manok, and A liempo and I treated them with ice cream(was it ube?) Ok it is special to me I was just joking ya' dig. So it was lunch time when we had this and it was ok, a mediocre one I should say. Continue reading

Peep! peep!


Last week, we decided to buy a car, just a 2nd hand one, so we searched for an economical and not so classy car. In other words, just a simple one. The only requirement is as long as it is in running condition. So the other day, we have found one that suit our needs. Fortunately, when we brought an expert mechanic(our neighbor Edwin) which is a friend of my father to check the car he said it is in good condition and just having some minor glitches which were very manageable. So upon the recommendation of Edwin we bought it immediately. And because of the holidays(24&25), we need to wait 2 days so can withdraw money from the bank. Darn, the then owner doesnt accept anything but spot cash. phew. So it was yesterday that the car was officially signed off and is now sitting on our garage.

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