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Happy Birthday Miness!


Happy birthday to my wife! yes today it is!

So if you have read an earlier blog i made about me needing help of what gift i’m gonna give to my wife and if you are curious what it is and how did it went then this is the blog post about it. 🙂

I remembered i wrote that blog like a month earlier to give me ample to time to buy the gift and maybe surprise her but it actually turned out me buying the gift like  only a day before or hours before her birthday.

I actually thought i won’t be able to give her any gift because i was running out of time and i didn’t quite have the time to sneak without her knowing i’m buying her a gift. Also, an unfortunate event has happened, she accidentally bumped a rock while driving our car and it made a really ugly dent. I was pissed off and really thought that she does not deserve any gift from me. Of course emotion was high at that time and i really did not meant what i said. Anyways the day after that incident, we went to the city to sign some documents and have the car checked by our dealer. I said that i’m gonna head home directly and just let her go alone to have the car checked to the dealer. That timing was perfect, and since she thought i was heading home, that gave me sometime to drop by to the mall and scout some gifts. Continue reading

gift o’ gift. any ideas?

care to help me what gift to put inside this box?

care to help me what gift to put inside this box?

In about 23 days from now, she’ll be celebrating her 29th birthday and we’ll be celebrating our 2nd civil wedding anniversary. It is an event for her and a big day really and she’ll be expecting something from me. I acknowledge that it is my rightful duty to give her a gift because she deserves it, really. She being nothing but a good wife for me and a good parent for glee, there are occasional clashes of differences between me and her but those are trivial and doesn’t count really on her real character. My wife i know this is a really advance post but i need to write this one down so that somehow if anyone gets to read this post maybe they can send me a comment or message me if they got any gift ideas. Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy mother’s day to all mom’s out there! You know the world would have never been this fun albeit crowded without you guys and so I feel that y’all deserve a space in my humble blog.

Happy mother’s day to my lovely and sexy wife too. She has never look so much younger, it’s like she returned to her college figure (although she prefers the weighing scale move more to the right). She never exercises though, and she claims it’s just her genes and that because she’s breastfeeding our daughter.

So how did we celebrate mother’s day? What present did my wife receive from me? What are the moves i made to somewhat make my wife the mother of my daughter feel special? If you’re that curious then you better view the complete post. Continue reading

A scary moment

Last, last week. It must have been on a thursday midnight, i woke up to the screams of my wife demanding me to start the car asap and we’ll gonna rush my baby daughter to the hospital. I was so rattled and scared and i don’t know how to react i even shouted like “hoooooaah” when i saw my baby girl having this convulsion thing, her arms shaking like i’ve never seen before, her legs was straight and her eyes kinda rolled back. I was scared and i literally did not know what to do, i tried to tell myself calm down and shit happens but my heart is racing and so is my mind. So what i did? unexpectedly, i calmly went to the bathroom and pissed and seemed like my body went to an auto calm state after the shock and when i’d finish pissing I heard my wife screams again and sort of cries and then my mind activated my body again and put it in a state of emergency, so i quickly get the keys to our gate and opened it as fast as I could and start the car in a span of like less than a minute and called my wife that everything’s ready and we’re gonna get our baby to the hospital and we’re gonna get the help we need. Continue reading

Life – FB = refreshed

15 days ago, for some odd reasons, partly maybe because of my grief to my dog who just died at that time, I decided to do the unthinkable. *SOUND INTRO* *TADA*  … I blocked facebook in my desktop! yes really, sounds crazy or dramatic or call it what you may but yes i blocked facebook! Some will maybe raise an eyebrow and will say that i can’t sustain this craziness and maybe one day i will login and post a stupid status updated. They maybe right but then again they maybe wrong too. Nobody knows what the future holds and that is a fact but what’s real at the moment though is that you can’t login to facebook using my desktop. You can login using you cellphones or laptops because i did not block it in my router so in essence if i wanted to i can still login to facebook. I just needed to do this first step to unshackle my life from what seems to be over information brought about reading anything and everything on facebook. Before anything else you might want to look at the screenshot of how my monitor looks like when you are trying to access facebook.

Screenshot from 2013-10-30 05:48:01 Continue reading

RIP our Ziggy :'(


Such is life, really. All living things should one day face death as a  consequence of being a mortal. In Ziggy’s case it was damn to early. 8 days shy of his 7th month. Time flew fast, really fast. Ziggy looked like an adult dog already and i often neglect the fact that he was still a very young puppy. I treated him already like a grown up dog because he looked like one and certainly looked bigger than our local dogs here.

Ziggy is technically my first puppy. I might have puppies back when i was young but I never remembered really owning or claiming a dog, maybe then they were like the family guard dogs and not someone’s pet.

I can still remember how Ziggy arrived to us, he was a small, cute and sad looking confused little pup skimping through our then unscathed yard. Yeah our yard didn’t have dug out holes or urine stains before he arrived. It still make’s me laugh thinking how he was this destructive little machine.

Since Ziggy was my first dog, i did not have a clue really on what to do. Well i might have done a ton of research about Pet care and what not but on actual i got nothing. During his first night here my wife said that we need to give him some bath and we did. I can remember how he was shivering from the cold and it looked like he could die in there and i was so worried i watched him sleep and put a blanket around him. He was really small back then as i can still remember how gently i did carried him and helped him settle in an old grocery packing box. Continue reading

What is it that makes us happy?


this is the sort of question one asks when someone has encountered a road block to somewhat seem an endless happiness.
yeap. i'm not sure if i constructed that first sentence right, but i just wrote it and if you may, read that line again on Dr. Suresh' voice.  If you did not watch “Heroes” series then just forget about it.

ok. so what makes us happy?

we'll the answer ain't that really hard to find. i know for some people. Let's not look far and just look on what's infront of us at this time. Literally, our computers, well smartphones for some techies. Ok so let's open our favorite online hangout. which is? you guess it right. Facebook. just go over your newsfeed and there you can see endless posts which does at some extent signify happiness for some. There are exceptions though when some select few posts about rants and unluckiness, and unhappiness, and sadness and what have you. I understand them perfectly. Let's get back to the positive side, and let's look at the happy faces, the happy smiles. What do you see? You want to be in their shoes at that very moment. right?! Please tell me i am right? So there you go, I guess that's what happiness is or atleast that's what happiness is about. So let's have an example, actually let us have a lot of example and try to list them as guide to our quest for finding happiness.

Ok so someone post about eating a mouth watering food. Someone posts about her favorite shoes. Someone posts about their new house or new car. Someone posts about her favorite pet. Someones posts about him dating her pretty girlfriend and sometimes posting kissing her on her cheeks. Someone posts about excelling in his chosen sport. Someone posts about getting a high mark on an exam. Someone posts about achieving greatly in his career. Someone posts about listening to his favorite song. Someone posts about hanging out with his circle of friends. Someone posts about getting drunk. Someone posts about how lovable there pet is. Someone posts about getting together with his family. Someone posts about there newborn baby. Someone posts about their recently concluded vacation. Someone posts about landing his favorite surf trick. Someone posts about… well umm it's getting boring honestly but with the examples i pointed you have a clue about what happiness is and it should be clear by now right? Continue reading

my baby’s small hands and feet, immortalized


Last January, my wife saw a post in instagram showing what seems to be blocks of cements formed into cute little hands and feet. Kind of like the statues at the park only these are more realistic and more detailed. And what's great is that they look personalized rather than generic moldings that looks like no ones body part.

She was curious about how's it done and who's doing it and what's it for. She learned that those hands and feet are actually molded on the actual hands and feet of the instragram user's baby. It made her more interested and kind of gave her an idea that she wanted it for our baby glee. On facebook, she remembered one time seeing a post kind of related to it. She searched for this friend and this particular post and bingo that post was exactly about it. She learned it was called “lifecasting”, how that word came to fruition i have no idea, but that's what it is called. I'm quite confused about that term at first really because being a netizen, lifecasting has its different meaning. The lifecasting I know is like you are broadcasting your every move on your personal blog with real time videos or clips. Anyways enough of that, for the sake of this post let's refer to lifecasting as the act of making these molds.

My wife's next move was to read up on the link about lifecasting she found on facebook. They have a rather organized and informative facebook page and an equally useful personal website. There she learned about how's it done, who's doing it the pricing and the packages and of course how to get in touch with the people behind it. Learning many things about lifecasting made her more eager and seemingly decided that it's a must have thing for our baby. Continue reading

The Family of Gift givers

We’ll as much as i want to claim that i’m talking about my family, the family i grew up with, sadly i am not. We just aren’t. Maybe because growing up we doesnt have much extra cash to spend or my Mama is simply too busy for wrapping gifts and my Papa, we’ll let’s just say his not into it. I don’t know if they were raised that way though, or it’s just the economy that pushed them not to be big on this gift giving business. In fairness to them i do remember receiving many gifts when i was like an early grader. Papa looks at my tests if I got 100 a G.I. Joe Automatically follows. Mama gave me and my siblings gifts too though she hates spending money on expensive items like the GI Joe i mentioned. This post is not really about them though because the topic here is about the habitual Christmas gift giving regardless of generation and age.

Ok so the family i’m talking about is my wife’s family. Yep Guia’s family, specifically the mother’s side. The Carmens. Maybe the Montejo’s too but i really did not get a chance to attend there christmas parties as most of them already are older than us. My wife’s father is the youngest of them siblings so it follows that Guia is one of the youngest among the Montejo Cousins but on the Carmen’s they are of the same ages. So there’s not much of a generation gap really. Continue reading