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Betting for mayweather and i’m not betting again, ever!


Today, may 3 (Philippine time), marks a very historic fight in the sport of boxing. 2 fighters whom many regards as the bests in this modern era finally will trade punches in the square ring. As many of you already knew, this fight was 5 years in the making. Whether all of that was part of the plan to cook this fight more and to hype it more, we can only conclude. What’s important is that now it really is happening, about 5 hours from the time i am writing this post.

I am a Filipino, a boxing fan, a Pacquiao fan and a Mayweather fan too. I am in awe of both guys capabilities and skill level as boxers. Pacquiao’s sheer determination combined with freakish speed and power and Floyds defensive genius and ring IQ. They both truly are the best, one could argue.

As a Filipino and a a countrymen of Manny, it is natural that i root for him and truly so I am rooting for him to win and want him to win to become the top boxer in the history of the sport. Should he beat Mayweather, there is no doubt in my mind that when the history books will be written, he will be considered at least on the top 5 of all time. He will be up there with the Robinson’s and the Ali’s. I could not be any prouder that a fellow countrymen took the world stage and battled with the best the world could offer and emerged on top of them. Isn’t that a great time to be a filipino and a big boxing fan? Continue reading