Marco? who the hell am I? well do I know myself? hmmm.. i dont think so. I seem lost about who really am I (im not talkinkg about biological matters). LOL. Sounds crazy, but seems true for me.

Anyways, I’ll still try to depict myself here as accurate as things can be. So hopefully you guys will have a rough idea about the real Marco.

First things first, where am I from? of course i came from my moms womb. LoL. kiddin here. Well, seriously im from Davao City, Philippines. Hope you guys recognize Davao City aside from Manila. What do I do? Im in to web development. Specializing in PHP/MySQL/Ajax. Lets not enumerate on that as im quite sure you dont wanna hear boring stuffs about programming unless you do web development yourselves. But really, programming is a real fun. Specially if you love head breaking, teeth gnashing, wall-hitting problems. But aside from programming, i got some cool hobbies too. Like skateboarding, reading reader’s digest, listening to Bob Marleys Legendary Reggae Music, if you know what i mean. well thats mostly what i do. Just same routine day to day to day.

Hows it so far? Are you beginning to see an idiot or a genius? the former will be most likely the answer rather than the latter.

— UPDATED: 2014 JULY 5 —

9 good years, and i look significantly different than the the picture of me above. 🙂 you know the secret? today’s camera phones are packed with face enhancing softwares! They clear out your age lines 😛 not that i’m saying i look more handsome now. lol. But let’s just say i grew up and is groomed better now specially that my wife will have something to say when i start growing my hair again. 😛

IMG_20140703_075246 (1)

3 thoughts on “About

  1. wang2

    marco is definitely a magnificent creature. mark my my word!!! ask him about that phrase. he’s just too good in his works. what i really want to see on him is… simple… i want him to wear a tattoo… i just love tattoos and im planning to have those on my body.. lol.. seriously, marco is nothing but the dumbest person in the whole wide web… if you look at him in person, you might say that he does nothing in his whole life but to sleep all day. he’s got huge tummy.. the result of taking beer seriously.. but in fact, he’s got few hours to sleep… yeah he looks stupid and all.. but mind you, we all are “hands down” on him.. everyone in school knows him. even people in other schools. ive known marco for not less than 8 years now… (hey marc, this is supposed to be a comment..) if you wanna know more, you can call me at office. man, im working too.. damn..

  2. andhotbot

    hey there, am i suppose to be the dumbest?!? Lolz. well yes, i really am, and you can take patrick’s word for that.. about the phrase “mark my word!!!”.. well i guess twas years ago, hmmmm.. do i still remember it? i guess i got an amnesia on that certain instance.

    anyways, thanx Wang for dropping by at my blog site, also if you want to have your “patrickcereno.com”,”kalabasa-ic.com” i can host it for you guys, just buy a domain name for it for about $8 a year, guess its not too expensive for you..


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