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Selection_025After months(maybe years) of not getting into freelance works and not participating in bidding sites, I finally decided to test my bidding skills again and my ability to deliver perfect work to first time clients. Another thing also influenced me to venture out to freelancing again is that the company employing me at present is experiencing hardships. I’m thinking it’s the American economy or the global economy as a a matter of fact. I understand them afterall they are also people trapped in this socio-economic problem. Anyways, that’s certainly one of the reason, as you already know i needed some money to pay the bills and of course raise my cute daugher which have just completed her first month as of this writing. So yeah, i needed money. If i was single, i won’t ever work this hard. lol.

Ok so is really new to me. The reason I came accross this site is I have no choice. I was doing freelance jobs from before, and i was a little bit good there and got completed some really good projects which paid good. That wouldn’t be successful of course if not with the aid of the Almighty, as I always say I am not a good programmer but I am good at praying. Why? Simple, because when there is a daunting task or even easy ones I see to it that I ask God for help( Though sometimes if the task is really simple, I often forget to ask for help but needless to say I always give thanks). Ok so much for stuffs about my faith, I know you would not want any of that. Yeah i kinda know which one are my readers so I would not shove my faith on you guys, no worries. So back on the experience. At first it was really confusing geting used to  their system, though it is more user friendly with all the ajax effects and stuffs and all the graphical icons. before epitomize a classic simple but useful website. However with that said, I am in no way against how the current interface is created. In fact i am beginning to get used to it now and I am loving it. There is just one instance though, but i was just because i was too careless to read all the text in front of my face, where I took a test not knowing that I needed to pay $5. What the heck! Ok so if I know I would have paid $5 for a test i would have chosen the PHP exam, but instead by accident it was English 1. But anyways, i’m still glad i took that test though it was really easy I was not perfect but i’ve got a decent score of 95%. So yeah that was just once, and I think somehow it was for the better. I know it has a reason why taking that test happened.

Now for the actual bidding, I did not find any difficulty at all. The bid button stands out on the page and is large enough for my eyes to recognize first. So I just read the project descriptions, then check the background of the employer then evaluate myself and my approach regarding the project. So if I see myself doing good and delivering a real good work I then proceed to write my bid details and quote a decent price not too low not too high but just competitive and just fair for the amount of work needed. I also take into consideration the current bids put up by other programmers. Example if one bid $100 in 3 days then there’s no reason for me not to be able to do better than that. I believe I can be the best PHP programmer in the world! Ummm. Actually nevermind that, we all know I am not. 🙂

So, i bid and got lucky! Yeah I won a project on my first bidding spree session. So yeah i took a screenshot of the winning bid see below:
I won’t go into detail anymore on what project is it but it was something I can do. It was a wordpress plugin which works for coupon codes. I did it for like 5 hours on a Sunday! We we’re supposed to go back to my parents house in Carmelite Rd. but due to continuous raining my wife and I decided we should just cancel it. Thus i took the opportunity to finish the project. I bidded 2 days for this just to provide me some cushion incase I hit a roadblock along the way while coding. But thanks to the Almighty God i never encountered serious problem finishing it. Actually there was, but I just prayed hard and as always God never failed to aid me. The problem i encountered while developing was that the plugin i was modifying was a paid plugin and thus the core source code was Ion Cube encoded. If you don’t know what that is, it’s something developers do to protect there codes it’s some code of encryption that they can only read. But i managed to still work around it using some technical skills acquired through time and of course with God’s aid.

Ok so i delivered the project to the client, so the next morning when I woke up I received a message from the client that he tested it and it was all working good and i’ve got a sigh of relief. I said to myself, whew i can still do it and I am still competitive on the bidding sites. Thanks God. Ok so after the client paid me thru the freelancer milestone system, it’s kinda similar to scriptlance escrow system, i’ve left a feedback for him and the next day I received the client’s feedback. If you notice there is some sort of delay giving payments and feedback it is because me and the client is living on opposite timezones. So when i work he sleeps and when he works I am asleep. This is not actually a problem for me as I am flexible, before when I was younger i can work the whole night and sleep at 8am after breakast. So the client was really happy with the job I did and he left me a great feedback which I really love. It makes me feel good reading someone was happy on your performance. I can’t describe the feeling but for me it’s one of the happiest moment when you make a client happy. Because I am proud, i’ve taken a screenshot of the client’s feedback for me. see screenshot below:

To summarize it all up, my first experience was great and everything went smooth. Now i have requested a withdrawal to try how smooth is their payment transactions. Since it is my first withdrawal they say that it will be delayed for atleast 15 days. for security purposes. So i am crossing my fingers I hope the money will arrive but at the same time I am confident and I know it will reach me for that blessing came from God above.

By the way if you came across here looking for a coder you can look at my profile for reference and then just message me here or invite me at and i’ll be glad to be of service.

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