Trying out wordpress for iphone


Im currently laying down in bed w baby glee sound asleep on my chest. I am immobile at the moment, cant do nothin yet but wait for baby to wake up. So i took the initiative to try and atleast be productive. So i borrowed my wifes iphone and searched for wordpress in the appstore and alas i found one. It’s perfect. Though it’s A little tough to write with the iphones keyboard maybe im not just used to it but Levitra this will do. While baby is asleep it is the perfect time to write something to my blog. I know in time ill get used to typing to this iphone. Ill be faster i hope.

Ok so i think im gonna end this blog here. Ill try to
Post a pic but im not sure how to do it hopefully ill figure it out. Also please bear with my typo and grammatical errors as its quite tough to edit it here 🙂


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