Wishes… just wish me luck…

Everyone has wishes, though some wont admit but I can say that subconsciously they have certain wishes. Certain small cravings or desires would already fall on the wishes category. On this point, i am not an exception. So yes, I do have some wishes. Afterall, wishes comes free. So we can wish all we want though at some point all are just as good as wishful thinking.

So heres my wishes, So Mr. Santa if you are reading my blog can you please grant em.

1. For everyone in the family to have Good health. (errr.. ok, materialistic wishes OR not is welcome in the list)

2. For me to grow up (*i dont wanna grow up by ramones, Playing on the background*)

3. For my family to continue eating atleast 3 times a day.

—- Why are my wishes too far fetched? should be expecting IPHONE? —

ok, ok so let me remake my list. But honestly im not someone who really likes to buy some fancy things that I dont need. Heck if you can see me, I wear clothes which was still from my freshmen college days (cant blame me, I loved em). You can even have me mistaken as a beggar with my really hippy look. :'(

So anyways, here is some egocentric list that I make up.

1. That I can nail my front side tail slide trick. (extremely difficult to position in the ledge)

2. I can finish my current PHP project(a big one) which was quite halted because of the christmas season.

3. That my girl and I will not have anymore problems.
4. Totally quit smoking, and if possible minimize to the micro level the booze.
5. improve my converstional englsh as well as my writing, vocabulary etc.

Surprisingly, i dont want any new phones or gadgets for the next year. I just dont need em. I can live with my current p990i. It serves me best and it has all what i need. oh wait, i think i need a new pair of shoes. The griptape has been eating my ollie side shoe like crazy. So let me add:

6. NEW pair of skate shoes. (i’ll stick with vans or DC or etnies or can be anything who cares)

so i think this rounds up this blog post and this should all be cool. so peace out.

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