The Scriptlance Top Programmers

oh wait, before you accused me being too proud. think again! ayt?

This post is just my tribute to all the top men and women working hard at scriptlance. It just so happens that I was one of them. And I myself am very proud to be one of them, and mind you, its not like lifting my own seat, I mean scriptlance is(in a heartbeat) in the top 5 freelancing websites around the world according to most IT experts. So its really an honor for me to be atleast a member in this great community.

So before anything else, i would like to thank Mr. Rene Trescases the CEO of scriptlance and to all his staff, without your hardwork scriptlance will never be what it is now.

And now here is the list as of Sept. 03 8:51am GMT+8.

sltop.png So just, a little summary about the graphic, it shows the scriptlance top 25 programmers. The one’s with ribbon icons next to their usernames are the Scriptlance Premium Members while the ones without it,like me, are just regular SL members.Ok, so i made a little research about the guys working here. I just made some background check on the guys I occasionally end up bidding against.

First is the cream of the crop. SL’s top programmer. The esolz team. They are an indian web/software dev firm.

And on the number 2 spot is again from india. They are the most reviewed user in scriptlance. 1315 total reviews. Wow! They use deepsniti as their handle in SL.

On the bronze medal, oops i think im still not over olympics, i mean on No. 3 is primaccesstech. This time coming from the west, from U.S.A.

ok. i think i have not time to elaborate all of the top programmers but to cut this story short and since this is my blog. we’ll move forward to no. 18. And at last, there is Me. “andhotbot ” from the Philippines. And im very, very, VERY, very happy now that I can see the fruits of my hardwork. And above everything else the help of the Lord our God. Without him I doubt if I can get a single project even if I end up bidding $5.

Just an info, I scanned all top 25 programmers and found out that about 70% of them are from India. Now that’s what they’re talking about. Thats the indian skills baby. Also there are some from the russian region and of course there is another Filipino on the top list on No. 11, athena101 and they have their company site at

So I guess this the end of my little story about the scriptlance top programmers, and oh i’m celebrating my 2 year anniversary of being part of scriptlance this coming sept. 16 (sept. 17 in Philippines). So you are all invited for a beerfest. Lol. just kidding

4 thoughts on “The Scriptlance Top Programmers

  1. sheryl

    hi marco! i’m your friend ralston’s older sis. i heard about your achievement from my bro. he sent me a link to this post. doesn’t that prove he really is a fan of yours? hehe, pati na ako! congrats and more blessings to you!

    ate she

  2. Heidi

    Hi Marco, have read about your work. You seem to be extremely talented and also ethical. Well done. We would love you to do some work for us. Please contact me on the email above.

    Wishing you and your family much success.

    Kind regards



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