in the four corners

I always have been a home buddy. Just staying in my room and listening to music or reading some magazines or books or doodling anything or just simply staring on a blank space on the wall. It had been always like this before. It was a routine, a very boring routine I admit. But there was nothing I can do back then. I had no internet connection, my 366mhz pc was on our sala and I've got no tv. It simply was that i didn't have any choice but to live like that.

I often laugh when I here the quote about “no man is an island”. I really though it meant some kind of a joke or the one who actually said it is quite outgoing and and very extrovert. Well i have nothing about that because it really is true and most people really like the idea.

Ok so much for that.

Anyways, if you can notice recently that it almost always rain every night. So it came to my mind that at time like these, maybe many guys must've been forced to be stuck in the four corners of their room. At least in my assumption, considering the biggest party place(Torres St. bakbak compound) is always hit by flood.

In that point, I can say that more people would see that even if you are alone in the four corners of your room you can still experience having fun. Sadly im not talking about, surfing the net, chatting, or playstation, xbox or dvd. Im talking about
experiencing fun coming from within. Well I guess my point is really, really vague. Well just think of the word meditation and just try to draw the fun coming from your happy thoughts, your positive outlooks, your dreams, your ambitions and any thought that you think will multiply the level of fun and enjoyment.

Ok. By the way do not think that im crazy or something by writing these things, ok nevermind I admit im a freak!


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