i've got a new skill

please don't be carried away by the title of this post. This is nothing special or extreme. Its not about programming nor about skateboarding.

Anyways you might want to take a look at this picture (sorry the image is too damn blurry) to have an idea of what I mean. So if you can see, it illustrates a drill bit, a concrete nail, a pencil and a handdrill. Now i hope thats interesting. But believe me its not.

ok. so yesterday it was sunday, and I learned a new skill. For the first time, i didnt rely on google to search for answers and how-to. I just relied on my instinct and a little knowledge of science. Though this is nowhere near to rocket science.Now, what is this stuff about? ahhmm.. uhmmm.. ok. I learned how to wallmount an LDCtv all by myself(oops! didn't I read the manual?). Yes i probably did, and it would be easier if the wallings of my room where made of wood but its concrete. So I cant just drive the screws on it to hold the wall mount. So I improvised. First I drilled a whole into our wall, having using the handdrill for the first time it felt somewhat awkward for me. I didnt feel really comfortable doing it, seems like im too cautious about my hand being drilled or that the drill bit will come spinning into my head. But with luck and some prayers i managed to drill to perfect holes. Then i'm all ready to drive the screws, thinking it will just make its way inside the hole but I was wrong. The hole was too large for screw and I was so damn frustrated that i walked out and thinking and re-evaluating the stupid thing I just did. So I decided to search some larger screws in our toolbox but I found none. Luckily on a near pile I saw a nail and I can easily identify it as a “concrete nail”. Then I was like “Perfect!”. And so i placed the base of the wall mount directly on top of the holes i drilled then push the concrete nails genty. The concrete nails weren't hard to drive as the holes are already laid for them so just a little effort and they all went tight. And so after testing the wallmounts carrying capability and figured it is strong enough to hold my weight thats when I decide to mount my tv onto it. And then it is perfect. The only thing I am worried is that the nail might get loose sometime and causing my tv to crash but i guess it will not. The nails on concrete i think were tougher than the originally prescribed screws on wood.

So if you guys need some help on installing wallmounts, I am very willing to help. Just let me just one movie on your newly installed lcd tv.

Here is the finish product of my hard labor last sunday, now im enjoying my playstation2 sessions and dvds here.




6 thoughts on “i've got a new skill

  1. bombshell

    Wow! marco congrats….!! Ganda naman ng plasma TV mo. batoy informed me about ur site I’m happy for you. Youre sure a very talented & gifted person… A real USEPian!

  2. andhotbot

    @christian – salamat sa pagbisita2 sa blog tol.. hehe..

    @bombshell – Thanx, its just a product of hardwork and dedication and With the help of the almighty God above anything else.

  3. Blanditz22

    nakuy napansin ko……..
    u dont have any idea if it is in the right position or not………
    take a look at you damn flat tv………
    isn’t it straight? . . . .


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