My.Movie.Review: PS I love You

OK, Another movie review from me. Hopefully this one turns out good. This will just be fast as i think im not in the mood to write and I just did coz i was suppose to write this review last monday but I didn't.

So this movie is obviously a love story(you probably noticed in the title). This is about a widow(Hilary Swank) who had herself fixed with the help of the letters given by her dead husband. This letters was sequencially mailed to her by her mother which back then was requested and made to promise by her then living husband(Gerard Butler). The delivery of the letters was cleverly planned and very accurate it seemed to me as if that his husband had predicted what the future holds for here. This story really is interesting for me and kinda unique in a sense. I would say that this kind of movies makes me feel that dying is a thing never to be afraid of. Actually you wouldn't feel that watching the movie, its just me because it made me think that you could leave this world and leave back unforgettable and really happy thoughts, and that for me is a really great achievement. Overall the letters thing in the story kinda amazed me and I liked it a lot. It makes me wanna write love letters everyday(but crap! I only write codes).

Ok this one is just short. So overall i give this movie 8.5.

p.s. i might signup at at imdb and probably give honest comments there so that more movie fanatics could read my review.(im quite shy though!)


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  1. DavidW

    I was actually looking for a contact for you for something else, but I iust watched this movie last night. I thought it was great, very moving. I had to smile and drop a line when I read your remark about only writing code.


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