Jieriel Got Kicked :(

Just today, while having a quick glance at our tv screen, I learned that she was evicted. Darn… too bad. She was my bet. I would say that, among all the girls shes the most Filipino looking(pls consider this as a complement!) and the other one of course( the daughter of a prisoner ), I just forgot her name.Ok, I admit I havent watched pbb as extensively as what my previous post would have indicated. Its because ive been working like crazy for the past weeks. I just got no time. I really envy those people who have so much time in their hands. How do you guys do that (we'll I guess I have an idea).

So, what's it gonna be now for her(Jieriel). Im sure she wouldnt be an instant celebrity having been kicked that early and havent got more tv exposure. We'll I guess shes gonna go back here in Davao. Probably try the local showbiz scene or maybe forget the heck about showbiz and go back studying and pursue another career. Anyways there are just my wild guesses. I just hope her the best.

Also, im looking forward to have a glance at her at malls nearby(Not mall tour, but normal gimmick moments). Lets see how pretty is she in real life.

So for Davaoenos who are PBB diehard. One down, Two more to Go. I just hope at least one of them makes it to the Big four. Priscilla seems to be a strong contender though.


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