Jieriel Papa (pbb teen plus)

This post seem to came from nowhere. Now, do I really watch PBB? I remember I did on its very first season but on the succeeding ones it didnt caught my attention so I ended up not caring about it. But then the latest has come and it once again had me rushing on our tv set when its 12:00nn on studio23, around 5pm and 9pm at abscbn and if I dont have work i would still want to catch up during late nights at 11pm. So whats the big deal about this and Why the hell am I blogging and take note I didnt write any post for more than a month and this post seems to be the icebreaker. Well it is quite obvious what is this post for or for whom as the title should already reveal its content. Yes you are right, its about her, Jieriel Papa.

jieriel_papa2.jpgjieriel_papa.jpg ang ganda mo!

So whats with this girl? Honestly, on the opening of the pbb teen plus(where the housemates are being introduced) I didnt find her interesting at all. Infact I find here quite annoying or just another wannabe there whos way way out of league in terms of what it takes to become a celebrity. Well thats just my opinion at that time. But please dont really consider my opinion as I really have problems dealing socially. So in this aspect i have a little know-how. Anyways, thats not just it and proceed to my next paragraph.

Ok, so on the next days. I continued watching. Well I was just watching to catch a glimpse of the real hotties like linda, nicole or priscilla(cant believe she cant hear though) so I could then formulate some out-of-this-world thoughts(you dont wanna know what it means). Well also just for the sake of watching coz its quite in these days or NOT(wait am I not turning 23??). Anyway, while watching. This girl Jeriel always catch my attention because(as they introduced her “bubbly girl”) of her bubliness(do I even know what that means?). Something like “Ki-at”. which i personally a trait I dont like or maybe even hate. But guess what, I didnt hate her attitude. I find her a jolly girl, fun to be with(well maybe judging on tv) and cool. But thats not the best thing, every episode on tv makes here prettier and prettier and prettier into my eyes. I even have this strange notion in my brain that she is the prettiest(its not that i dont know what pretty means!) of all the housemates. I really dont know. Maybe its just me.

So the season is still new. not too many challenges have been given nor tasks ordered. And so we still cant see how this girl reacts or act in various situations(i can see signs of her acting like a moron though). Until then we shall see. But for now, I feel amazing how this pretty girl ended the silent era here in my humble blogsite. That smile of yours really struct me. So when it comes to internet voting, do not worry as I have a thousand bots programmed on ready to flood the internet voting of ABSCBN. so dont be surprise if you always end up no. 1 in internet votes. (I just do hope my bots can make it to their security level)
And oh I forgot to mention. She is from Davao!


5 thoughts on “Jieriel Papa (pbb teen plus)

  1. jieriel

    Hi..ahmm idont know where to start. Upon reading this medyo na irita ako.. but as i continue reading it i felt something like hindi ko alam kung ma iinis ako or what, basta ang nasa isip ko i was so happy na Somehow nag bago yung pananaw mo kung ano ko bilang tao.. im looking foelrward to meet you one day


    Ako po ito 😛

    1. Marco Post author

      LOL. sorry2. twaasss a loonng time. not sure if this is really you but if it is, this seeeems aawwwkkkwaarrddd… i wish you had read this blog like half a decade ago.

    2. Marco Post author

      by the way do you want this blog entry taken down? i will if you find it offensive or in anyway degrading. just let me know and it’s done.

  2. Jieriel Papa

    Hiii no its okey actually during hard time i reread your blog and it gives me the feeling of giving my best of i can in my acads and on my internship … i am always grateful dor people like you thankyou po on nov 11 gagraduate na po ako ng bs psychology and your blog has helped me to hive my best!!! Thankyou po sana ma meet ko kayo


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