Canceling Christmas by Michelle Featherstone

I was watching smallville season 7 episode 9 “Gemini” today, just a few hours before this posting,and I noticed this song in a scene where Julian Luthor/Gran Gabriel breaks up(probably it has something to do with him knowing that hes just a clone) with Lois on her own place. The song perfectly fits that particular scene and I was like “WoW, its been a while since I noticed some great sound tracks”. So what I did is i repeated that particular scene and listened to some of the lines of the song and then I googled it. I thought it was a long time famous song that had just not reached(being thousand miles away from US) my ears. Then when i googled some phrases from its lyrics i was quite surprised not seeing relevant results. Thus what I did is guessed for its title and I came up with “Im cancelling christmas this year”(take note of my wrong spelling). Then googled it again, this time i was happy that somebody posted something similar to my query in yahoo answers and I was glad that it was answered and it lead me to Michelle Featherstone's personal site on her news section. This was the actual link i got from the yahoo answers, So I visited the site and browsed the pages so I can have an idea where to hear the full song. Then I figured she has not yet uploaded the song on her site but it was online on her myspace page which is here out thru google). So I was so relieved hearing the full song on her myspace page. It indeed was music to my ears.

Then I keep repeating it over and over again. Then I decided to google for its lyrics and too bad i didnt found one. So with the help of my ears and my low level transcription skills. I came up with the lyrics, though I admit this has errors in it which I will be glad to correct If someoce can give me the lyrics. Anyways im going to share my transcription of its lyrics here.

Here it goes: (Please dont mock me, I did my best but my ears betrayed me)

you're gone for the holidays
though you're back next year
i just dont liked it without you
im canceling christmas this year

im not buying christmast trees
i wont be spreading some cheers
i wont be hanging of twinkling lights
coz im canceling christmas this year

well its snow if we want to
staying in the night of few lights
ive sealed out my fireplace
so santa cant come inside

im not drinkin no eggnog
thered be no midnight clear
i wont be singing any carols
im canceling christmas this year

im not giving out presents
and im not sending cards
i wanna sleep thru the season
without you its just too hard

till your back in my arms again
till im holdin you near
seems no reason to celebrate
im canceling christmas this year

seems no reason to celebrate
im canceling christmas this year

Also if you want to hear the song I suggest you visit her myspace page and she has a flash player there where you can select the “canceling christmas” song.

Or if you wanna grab a copy of the song and put in your ipods or cellphone like what I did. Coz i wanna hear it every season(I may try to substiture cancelling christmas to canceling valentine next month), just kidding. Anyways i manage to create an mp3 file for it(I hope i do not violate any copyrights here), Also i think this is a free song because she put it in her myspace page for everyone to hear. So you can download the mp3 here michelle-featherstone-canceling-christmas.mp3 hope you all will like it and let us all support indie artists especially Michelle Featherstone.

And oh I forgot to insert, though off topic. I really did cancel my christmas and just slept all my way to dec. 25's morning. The only difference with me and the song's composer is the latters love interest will be back next year while mine not in a lifetime. Damn im so fucking stupid.


6 thoughts on “Canceling Christmas by Michelle Featherstone

  1. Dan Lee

    That’s so nice of you. I wonder if Michelle Featherstone has released any records yet. E-mail me if you know, thx so much.

  2. Carol

    Here are the corrected lyrics.

    You’re gone for the holidays
    Though you’re back next year
    I just don’t like being without you
    I’m canceling Christmas this year
    I’m not buying a Christmas tree
    I wont be spreading some cheer
    I wont be hanging up twinkling lights
    ’cause I’m canceling christmas this year
    Let it snow if it wants to
    I’m staying in now to hide
    And I’ve sealed up my fireplace
    So santa cant come inside
    I’m not drinkin’ no eggnog
    There’ll be no midnight clear
    I wont be singing any carols
    I’m canceling christmas this year
    I’m not giving out presents
    And I’m not sending cards
    I wanna sleep thru the season
    Without you its just too hard
    ’till your back in my arms again
    ’till I’m holding you near
    There seems no reason to celebrate
    I’m canceling christmas this year
    There seems no reason to celebrate
    I’m canceling christmas this year

  3. Ed Lui

    hey man this is excellent, heard the song tonight in the uk with the repeated aired episode of smallville, to be fair i totally forgot about this song but thanks for finding it. First thing that came up via google…

    her voice is amazing, reminds me of Sarah McLachlan.


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