reminiscing my dreads


Jah! Rastafari.

Being a reggae fanatic(just a rastaman wanna be), listening to music in this genre is part of my daily routine. I dont know what it is with reggae but there something about it that my ears always long to hear. It maybe the deepness of its lyrics accompanied with its tune signifying blues rhythm. In short i really like this music. But im no hypocrite music lover, i do listen to boybands and the likes depending on my mood. By the way, Michael Learns to Rock rocks!

So on that point, I miss my dreads a lot. Darn why did I have to shave my head. Yeah yeah, I admit. Those fucking dandruffs that piled up in my scalp is the main reason. That messed everything all up. But hey, its not too late yet. As long as my hair continues to grow( my hair grows fast ), theres still a bright future for my locks to once again reign atop my head. So maybe a year or two from now my hair will be long again and it will be ready for locking again. By then, i wouldnt let anything mess up my locks. Not even that dandruff pile. Those dandruff can stick on my scalp freely as long as they want but I wouldnt ever cut my locks again.

Sounds eeewww and yucky. hehe. But what can I do. I'm 100% very dirty.

Just living the life that I should had always lived. Super Choy. Neglect all bastards who criticizes one on their appearance.

Peace Y'all.


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