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At last, I have found a copy of their songs over the internet (Christmas gift in disguise! ). This is my all-time favorite band back in my late highschool and early college days until unfortunately I lost my cassette tape of their album “Greatest Hits?”(twas' an original copy, ;-D ). I can remember a friend borrowing it from me and was never returned (can't blame the guy, he must've extremely liked it!). Anyways this band was of punk influence and their lyrics directed to a wasted, pissed lifestyle of a typical punk idividual( in my own humble opinion ).

The reason why I liked this band so much is that it seems to me that their whole album consists of songs about which reflects on my real situation in life. Well it would a coincidence or maybe theres some scientific explanation about how i felt toward their songs. Also I admit that I lived a punk life back in the days, not just on the looks side but on the know-how, ideology, lifestyle, dogma, attitude etc., so this might be a big influence on how I see their songs. Or could it be that the composer of the songs experience similar kind of life that I live (possibility 1%).

Anyways, just to share about their music I will site excerpts of the lyrics of some of their songs. I will also try my best to explain how I see it, hehe. Please take note on the word “try”!

They took the Sun Away – this song tackles about false friendship and his efforts to make friends despite the fact that he know he can never have real ones.


My Friends are gonna stay because I paid them yesterday. What can I say? For me this is the only way. I tried to make some real ones but I dont think they like me. For me its only rainy days

Tell Me Why – a song about a girlfriend who just used him and didnt even cared at all.
You only call me when you need to go home. When its late at night and no one wants to do it but me! We used to talk and smoke a lot together and I thought things we're just alright.
Tell me why i am so stupid when I know you never cared!

Slowly Dying – all about hatred to someone/something.
I am living in a city, where no one else can see me by the time I say goodbye

This are just some of the lines that I consider to have personally experienced and constantly/continuously experiencing.

Anyways enough of the crap about my life in relation to the music. I know why you came accross and read my blog its because you want to hear my favorite band, ex-president combo, rocking!

Here is the link to the download page( btw, you need to have a multiply account, registration just takes 1 minute or less so do not worry ) http://taramidong.multiply.com/
thanx to juan “taramidong” for uploading the mp3s. I wouldnt be enjoying this music now if not for you. Thanx brodah!


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