Davao People's Park

Last Saturday, a friend and I decided to visit people's park( formerly PTA grounds ) and witness firsthand its' glamor that has been buzzing within the local community. I've heard really good feedbacks from the folks who visited it and thats why I really got excited heading there.

When I arrived there, I was overwhelmed seeing so many people enjoying the site. I was like “was this really the PTA before?”. Before that very spot only sees people when there are concerts, major sports occasions and other events. This park will once again be a part of Davaoenos weekend habit and late afternoon hangouts.

From the words of my friend Morn “Gi hawud jud diay nila ni pagbuhat o!”, talking about the scenic beauty of this once unchartered park. Personally for me, a guy who easily appreciates everything under the sun, I really find this place interesting. The lightings were great. The touch of nature is very evident yet it doesnt clobber up the modernized look. The ethnicity theme was extremely awesome. Most importantly, its very clean (I just hope the Davaoenos will maintain it).


If you havent visited the place yet, better hurry while its still FREE or hopefully it will forever be. Our Mayor here really knows what the people of Davao needs. Two thumbs up to you sir!


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