shating!(drinking sessions) sa PAcifiC

Everytime I go out, like for once a week, its just for unwinding and releasing stress brought by work. Man it never is easy(though I know some who pretends) dealing with programming problems. Ill tell you, I came to a point wishing I had known to do other jobs. I dont know maybe its just me being such dumbass. But dont get me wrong, most of the time I really love coding and i think Im good at it. Anyways, topic seems going far from the subject line. So here it goes on the next paragraph.

This week, there is an event at USEP(the school which I became a dropout). its the combined intramurals and the schools foundation celebration. Having few friends still in there, I occasionally go there just to chit chat and do the stuffs that we used to. There is this store, which we are really fond of hanging out. It's named pacific owned by “Ate Clar”. Back then, when im still at college, long before ive had a job, I was already spending extra time here. And thus I made a lot of friends. My “Shating” mates. Now that im already out of school and so as my friends back then, I still chose to drink in this store. I dont know whats in this store but I really feel comfortable though it really look doesnt(peace!). And oh btw, its not like the blue post, station 91 kinda stuffs. Its like a sari-sari store.This store is kinda significant in my life. I have experienced here seeing a cab driver assasinated nearby, seeing a man chased by a knife attacker(and oh i know this guy) and the brutal list goes on. There were also cool things I experienced and learned here that the four walls of my room cannot give me(Though I believe it can be googled,hehe). Also back then I was also seen by many in school as “palahubog” (drunkard). I cant blame them for giving me that reputation cause for me I just drink to gather with friends. The chants and laughters occuring when were already groggy cant be bought by any any money(or maybe not!). This is the main reason why I still drink. Its not about getting drowned with alcohol cause of the problems. Not drinking cause you were rejected by your crush(or did I?), not drinking cause you financial problems(how can you booze without it?!), Not drinking cause you failed on your favorite subject with a hot teacher. Well these are all valid reasons. But this are really not the main good reasons.

Im not writing this to encourage non-drinkers to drink. This is just a reminder to myself why I believe in drinking beer. The moment the crown of the bottle pops out of its rim I can feel the start of my escape to reality(the reality, which by the way sucks big time). So lets think twice guys before we judge( well I do like to punch some,kidding ) that drunk fellow on the street.


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