Magdalo at Manila Penninsula Hotel

Earlier today, I was infront of the tv most of the time watching abs-cbn's live tv coverage about the movements of the Magdalo Rebels. It all started in the court hearing of the Magdalo guys at a certain courtroom at Makati. News says that there was a tension inside the courtroom and sparked the Magdalo personnels as well as their supposedly Military guards to walk out and then later calling out for the resignation of Pres. Arroyo. This move hours later turned into what we can call as coup d' etat. The group marched into the Manila Peninsula hotel and had a called a press-conference stating their intentions in going there. Again they are calling out for the President to step down. Then they occupied the hotel and stationed their armed comrades, guarding the key entry points. With this development, the AFP chief Gen. Esperon gave them an ultimatum to vacate the hotel premise and surrender. The deadline was 3pm. Tension is building nearing the deadline but still the Group refused to step down. From time to time they give statements to the mediamen about their plan of action and the current situation.An hour after the deadline, more-or-less, SWAT team were stationed just outside of the hotel and moments later had acted to stop the current crisis. Warning shots were fired and they circled the building securing the perimeter. Teargas were thrown inside of the building and there were exchanges of gunshots. There was so much tension this time both inside and outside the building. An armored personnel carrier made its way inside the main entrance of the hotel by bumping directly its way to the glass entrance. This is when the Magdalo group together with their supporters decided to set aside their personal interests and go for the safety of the civilians and mediamen who are with them. This meant that they are surrendering anytime from that point. They had made an official statement thru the mediamen who bravely stayed inside the premises of the hotel despite of the plead of the AFP for them to leave the place for their own safety. One by one, the people inside the hotel went out. The Magdalo group and their supporters were taken into a bus and then brought to bicutan for custody. Even the mediaman was also taken for counter checking purposes.

For more reliable info about this news please check it in yahoo news


I wasnt really happy about this news personally, I know it will hurt the business industry big time and we all know what that leads to. Though some friends and I occasionally jokes about wanting more political crysis to happen in the capital so that the peso value will eventually fall and thus the dollar value will rise and so as our income. But nah, In reality i wouldn't wish anything like this happening. Who in the right mind would right? Well im not saying that the Magdalo guys belong in that category. Their case are different. They are guys with very strong ideologies and stands in life and can back their actions with facts. AND they are in the position to do it. I mean if I was someone with a status like them and have strong political will I certainly would risk something just to stand for what I believe is right.

This is really a strange post. Maybe im practcing to be a journalist. LOL. sorry guys but this is my spot on the internet!


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