the $300 touch screen FM radio

Well its not trully a radio. The title seems misleading but eventually it will not be.

It was when my cellphone was cracked. Literally cracked at the center. That cellphone being the slimmest of its kind. The Samsung SGHx820. It started to crack when I played basketball and I had it inside my right pocket. (yes im stupid for wearing it while playing!) I notice it after playing when I checked it for messages, to my surprise its once straight body now became curve. I felt like my spirit nearly jump out of my body. I cant imagine breaking it because of my stupidity. Gladly, when I attempted to turn it on It still was OK. No part of its software was damaged. All features are there and seems like nothing happend. (Now, thats one tough phone. probably tougher that my 5110 back in the days). Several days pass and everytime I go out and have it in my pocket. Its crack gets bigger and bigger and I did become scared that it will eventually split in 2. And because it is still working by any means, and only the look was altered due to the nasty crack I decided to let my mom use it and we swap phone. I got an old school sony Ericson which I eventually learned to use and appreciate it as a cellphone.

Days have passed. Tempted by all the ads and thinking about the phones of my friends and some other people. Another idiotic and a no brainer action had been done by me. It came to my mind to buy a new cellphone. ( DAMN! I should have listened to Jack Johnson's Song) . After consulting some friends and and for some cool yet not-so-expensive phones. I found this phone, The Sony Ericcson P990i it was a 2005-2006 model and had cost almost $1000 before. The only flaw I can find in it is its bulkiness. Well it really is bulky especially if we are comparing it to SGHx820. After knowing all the features and what its capabilities, I quickly decided to get one as today(as of this posting ) it costs a little less than Php16000. So I said, not a bad deal for a former thousand dollar phone.

Ok. I had my brother bought it for me at some cellphone store at GMall. Then I realize im already holding it. opening the box and scanning all its features. It took me like half day to familiarize all of its important features and how to do it. Well, I did spend almost one hour figuring how to take a picture (came to a point I concluded it has a factory defect. hehe). I figured out you needed to push the camera button all the way and not just half way. darn. So the phone is all set with me and Im happy with it. As of this posting its been almost a week since I had it with me.

Well today, its still with me. No complains about its functionality as its working perfect. Well what I realized earlier today is that its really more than what I need and in this sense I am trying to say that “I dont really need it!”. For texting? its cool coz it receives msgs. But what difference does it make with a cheap nokia 3310?! yes, youll get to use a stylus pen for reading msgs.(well thats crap!) For surfing the net? c'mon Id rather view youtube at my widescreen laptop than having it in that minute screen. For listening music? well I have several mp3s stocked in my laptop and I can play it anytime I want. For taking pictures/videos? oh am I a photographer? how many days in a year do I have a memorable moment? well honestly close to none.( partly kidding ). I mean i can always borrow the SGHx820 from my mom if necessary. For being a PDA? now this is crap. we all know how my life is a boring routine I can even memorize what will happen in a particilar minute of a day.

So guess it really has no use?!? Well not really. coz right now im using it to listen to energyFM with either Manny Pakwan or Barbie as the DJs. darn what an expensive FM radio. The cool things is its touch screen. You can use stylus to switch radion stations. LOL. And thats the story of the $300 touch screen FM radio.


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