UNsuccessful ComeBACK at School

This is a bad sem for me at school. I received a failing mark again in SAD( Systems Analysis and Design 2). This is the second time I failed on my bid to get a passing grade. I kinda reflected today about the sort of things I did before and this sem that made me fail on this subject twice. One maybe because I had absences. but who doesnt? oh wait. Yeah I know most of USEPians never fail to attend classes. Two because I do not study. but who does? oh, again. I remember they all study 1 minute before the quiz with that little paper, “kodigo” as they call it. And when the quiz starts no one bothers to hide it anymore as the teacher plays blind. Luckily for me I got to save PPT files on my phone. So everythings an ease. Another angle why I failed is a conspiracy theory. hehe. I remembered when I failed for the first time, I havent got many absences, I think I should have passed the quizzes, exams. But why did I fail? it was with the project and on the defense. They were criticizing the shit I did on our project. About how useless it is. About how someone like me could have done better. But what the FUCK. those were bullshits. Did they question theirselves whether or not they could done something like it. yeah I know, i know. they built an enrolment system. which as far as I am concerned is very shitty. Every enrolment time I could here some students saying that go upstairs to the db blah blah blah as the system cannot blah blah blah needs to be edited on the blah blah blah. I mean what the fuck is that? is that the system that they were basing to make my project fail. Well at least I fail on a project at school but Im proud to say I didnt fail on my projects on the real world. What a shame. developing a substandard software which is used by supposedly High Standard students. Oh wait, Sorry about that. I didnt mean this things. quite being emotional here. Shouldnt be like that. Anyway I didnt mention names so it could be somebody else.

On the second time(This semester), Why the hell Did I fail? absences as they say is a big factor. Yeah coz teachers just want to see there room filled with heads yet with closed eyes. I mean, isnt it obvious no one is there to listen. Especially if the teacher doesnt even know what shes talking about.(Ill try to cite an example later). Another thing. many were saying that I failed because I did not do my topic report. But why didnt I report? because I was late 5minutes and they closed the door on me without any consideration. yeah I know it was agreed but a little consideration wouldnt hurt that much I supposed, specially if its still in the 2nd meeting. And oh I will love to discuss this subject. This reporting thing. I really find it funny how teachers are paid even knowing nothing about what they are teaching. And this topic reporting thing is a very good scape goat for this brainless sicko. You know why?! because you will just meet 1month or a little over assigning the students to discuss the topic to themselves. then after that, the great teacher will laugh all his way to the bank. getting the undeserved pay check. I mean topic reporting is not bad. I've seen some teachers/professors good at it. Because upon/after the reporting they will inject/share with key points on the topic. Which is of course most helpful to the students. But in our case. you can hear the most senseless input from the teacher. There was even a time that I almost burst into laughter hearing her interpretation of the subject matter. I should have remebered. It was about command line statements/interface or something. A fellow student gave a good answer but this teacher, I dont know where the answer came from. She was explaing that it was like the shortcut keys. blah blah. wow what a crap. better shut your mouth.

Ooops! I guess im not in myself today. I really am just pissed. I mean if I only knew I would just fail without any fuckin reasons I should have never quit my fulltime job with my boss( he is a great man, Alisher ) at Uzbekistan. I guess getting a degree is not really for me. Well I can never be called as an IT professional ever. I can only be upto an outsourced programmer. Or not! I can takeup vocational courses like automotive. Then maybe become a driver/mechanic/ how is that? Well i dont really care because I am used to living in poverty. You know why I only want to finish schooling is just to get out of this stupid place where I once am called poverty. But guess some people cannot understand that and instead they are worse than crab. If I may call them quicksand, i think its more appropriate.

Fuck those who degrade people because of what they are(ohh did I just do that in this post)! They fuckin judge you by who you are and not by what you can do.

Sorry for those who find this post offensive I didnt mention any names yet if you find this things so obvious then I'll tell you its not. Its just a product of my conscious imagination. hahaha.. if you guys know what I mean. Peace.

PS. dont go out hiring someone to shot my head coz I aint afraid of dying.


3 thoughts on “UNsuccessful ComeBACK at School

  1. albert

    my sympathy goes to you buddy…. yeah teachers nowadays really suck…big time..specially IT professors…jeez..they just get into the classroom and give topics for reports(an excuse for not knowing what to teach)…i think culinary is best for you.. what do you think? =D

  2. MamÜ

    Nyahahahaha!!!…congratz sa pagbalik sa school ug condolence sa pangangalabasa…hehehehe…

    Antos2x lng gamay, bay! Mahuman ra lagi ka. Yaw pud cge absent pud.hehehe…PEACE!Ãœ

  3. irvin

    waaaaaa… xensyahi nalang jud na bay… la na jud ta mabuhat anang mga tae nga mga degree holders daw kuno pero walay mga buot… wala tay mabuhat kay sila man ang authority. sagdi lang gud. mas nakabalo man ka kung unsa imong capacity. kabalo man tang tanan na maayo ka and daghan mga graduates anang skwelahana na WALAY MGA BUOT SAMA ANANG PIPILA KA FACULTIES DINHA.


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