Jack Johnson music

here's a song by jack johnson titled gone..

Well look at all those fancy clothes
But these could keep us warm
Just like those.
And what about your soul
Is it cold
Is it straight from the mould
And ready to be sold.

And cars and phones and diamond rings
Bling, bling
Those are only removable things
And what about your mind
Does it shine or
Are there things that concern you more
Than your time

Gone going
Gone everything
Gone give a damn
Gone be the birds when they don’t want to sing
Gone people
All awkward with their things

Look at you out to make a deal
You try to be appealing but you lose your appeal
And what about those shoes you’re in today
They’ll do no good
On the bridges you burnt along the way

You’re willing to sell anything
Gone with your herd
Leave your footprints
And we’ll shame them with our words

Gone people
All careless and consumed
Gone going
Gone everything
Gone give a damn
Gone be the birds if they don’t want to sing
Gone people
All awkward with their things

and heres the version of the black eyed peas…

Johnny wanna be a big star
Get on stage and play the guitar
Make a little money, buy a fancy car
Big old house and an alligator…
Just to match with them alligator shoes
He's a rich man so he's no longer singin the blues
He's singing songs about material things

and platinum rings and watches that go bling,
Diamonds don't bling in the dark
He a star now, but he ain't singing it from the heart
Sooner or later he's just gonna fall apart
‘Cause his fans can't relate to his new found art
He ain't doing what he did from the start
and that's putting in some feeling and thought
He decided to live his life shallow,
cash in his love for material,
And it's gone…
You see yourself in the mirror, and ya
Feel safe ‘cause it looks familiar, but cha
Afraid to open up your soul, ‘cause ya
Don't really know
Don't really know
Who is
The person thats deep within
‘Cause you content with just being the name brand man, and ya
Fail to see that it's trivial
Insignificant, you addicted to material.
I've seen your kind before
You're the type that think souls is sold in a store
Packaged up with incense sticks
With vegatarian meal
To you that's righteous
You're fiction like books
you need to go out to life and look
‘Cause..What happens when they take your material
and you already sold ya soul,
and it's…

You say that, time is money
and, money is time
so you got ya mind on ya money
and ya money on ya mind
But what about
That crime thatcha did to get paid
And what about,
That bid, you can't take it to your grave

The next time I feel buying some fuckin material thing. THIS IS THE PERFECT SONG!!!


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