Betting for mayweather and i’m not betting again, ever!


Today, may 3 (Philippine time), marks a very historic fight in the sport of boxing. 2 fighters whom many regards as the bests in this modern era finally will trade punches in the square ring. As many of you already knew, this fight was 5 years in the making. Whether all of that was part of the plan to cook this fight more and to hype it more, we can only conclude. What’s important is that now it really is happening, about 5 hours from the time i am writing this post.

I am a Filipino, a boxing fan, a Pacquiao fan and a Mayweather fan too. I am in awe of both guys capabilities and skill level as boxers. Pacquiao’s sheer determination combined with freakish speed and power and Floyds defensive genius and ring IQ. They both truly are the best, one could argue.

As a Filipino and a a countrymen of Manny, it is natural that i root for him and truly so I am rooting for him to win and want him to win to become the top boxer in the history of the sport. Should he beat Mayweather, there is no doubt in my mind that when the history books will be written, he will be considered at least on the top 5 of all time. He will be up there with the Robinson’s and the Ali’s. I could not be any prouder that a fellow countrymen took the world stage and battled with the best the world could offer and emerged on top of them. Isn’t that a great time to be a filipino and a big boxing fan?

Now as the title suggest, yes i bet for Mayweather. If i wanted Manny to win, so why bet for money may? I always kid my wife that i am so bad at gambling that any time I gambled in favour of someone I always ended up losing no matter what the odds are. It’s like I always jinx the fighter I am gambling for not necessarily the fighter I am rooting for. So I said to my wife, should pacquiao win it should be put on record that I had my hand on why Pacquiao won. She just laughed and said that I was delusional and she is very right. lol

Another reason is that Mayweather is so damn good that every time I watch his fights I can’t see how Manny is gonna beat him. I am speaking as a boxing fan, not just someone who watches boxing when pacman fights. When i said i’m a boxing fan, i really am. Name me a boxing champion and I’ll tell you his history and how he was brought up and whom he fought and defeated to become one. Okay a bit exaggerated but you get the idea. Yes Mayweather is that good that i have reservations whether paceman can really bit him. In my mind pacquiao and mayweather are equal but mayweather is bigger, rangier, taller and that’s where the problem lies. Pacman is best suited for 140 or 135, where his power can negate everything his opponents can do but at 47? you could doubt that and he is facing the best defensive fighter in this era. So I definitely could not see pacquiao KOing floyd specially that I saw Floyd hit by Mosley and Maidana and he did not go down, okay buckled a little but but did not Go down while Pacman got levelled by a Marquez lead right which is Floyds best arsenal. The boxing analyst in me tells me that Manny got no chance, at all!

So why did I bet for Mayweather? A college teacher once told me why he bets against Pacquiao’s opponents, his rationale states that should Manny lose then he’ll still be happy because he won monetary gain and maybe cheer himself up by spending that money. Now should Manny win, then he’ll be extremely happy because he’s the biggest fan and nothing can make a fan happier than see his hero come out triumphant in battle. The joy of seeing the one you’re rooting for win trumps  the sadness of realizing you lost money by gambling. So you see, he created a win-win scenario for himself and this adds to the very reason why I bet for Mayweather, to put me into a win-win situation. Win-or-lose i go home a happy man albeit much happier if I just lose the money I bet as i am sure If i just work hard and pray hard that money will come back to me.

With all this betting thing going, I did learn a very valuable lesson. I may sound religious, or some may think i border on delusional already by writing the next lines but these are things that happened and how my heart and mind decipher the events.

God did not want me to engage in any form of gambling. It’s like God slapped me and made me realize that if I squander an amount for a boxing game why didn’t just I donate it to charity. Not that I’m a gambler, infact i am the opposite, I never gamble on anything, In fact this is my biggest bet to date. In the past i bet like $10 on an NBA finals series but only to add a little spice while watching but that’s it. Nepal had just been hit and millions of people needed every cent of that money and I just gambled it? I am convinced God did not want me to do it.

My wife does not believe me saying this to her while we are at the car last night but deep inside i knew, and I knew well that if I had done something God does not approve of, a series of unlucky events will follow. Picture this, just moments after I dropped the bet money to make the bet official, not far from where it is I almost bumped into a pick-up truck, I might have missed it by 2 inches and i’m telling you i’m not a bad driver and it’s the first time I almost accidentally collide on to an opposing vehicle. Then while traversing diversion road, something clunked under the car, felt like some car parts got fall on the road. By then i realized that it’s possible God wants me to realize what i have done is wrong and something he don’t approve of. Afterwards, nearing our house, on Mintal highway, I sped on the right lane to pass on a slower vehicle, then on a corner a taxicab suddenly sped through and  I really thought he’ll go and won’t stop and in the case I’ll bump into the cab pretty hard so I jammed the breaks so hard my wife had to hold coz she’s not wearing seatbelt at the back. By this time I know, i had some something wrong, a series of unfortunate events does not just happen without any reason. At least that’s what my faith tells me. Then finally when we went home, our helper which was just newly hired, I don’t know how she did it, made our sliding gate come out of it’s sliding guide. It took us maybe more than 15 minutes to fix it under the rain. I did not lose my cool or said something to her because I knew this was all God’s plan. I knew that if I’d done something wrong God has his ways on reminding me to not do it again or that he’s not approve of what I’ve done. Still, with these, only i believe in these things, my wife maybe a little bit out of her love for me and maybe she does not want me to look like an idiot in stating this but i knew she does not believe me 100% but i knew, i knew very well that God reminded me.

So because of this, I declare and promise to God that never again will I be involve in any Gambling or betting activity, well maybe $10 on an NBA finals but that’s it. Not something this significant like the amount i bet for this boxing match.

If you somehow have read this and have similar experience wherein you’ve done something wrong and then there’s God reminding you that it’s wrong and do not want you to continue it, feel free to comment or just email me privately at localhost<at>programmer<dot>net, I want to hear your story. Let us share how God guide our lives and touches us so that we become better. I always say this to my wife, the longer you have not had any challenges in life or obstacles to overcome the more you should get worried, it might mean God have not been touching you anymore and not guiding your life. The more you have trials and problems, it’s actually God steering you in a better and Godly life, I have no scientific explanation on this and the rationale might be crazy but this is my faith and I truly believe this in my heart, I maybe the only one to believe this but I don’t care God knows!

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