This year, I decided to take a lil break from freelancing. Well not really totally coz im still bagging some small projects from my clients. Anyways im enrolled this school year and back at USEPÂ taking classes again. Finishing the things I left off. Im currently at 4th year taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. This is were I learn to write my first codes, the loops, the conditions and the bunch of variables, My Basics, I owe it to Ma'am Maui, my programming professor, programming coach and now the dean of the IC department. I owe big time to this institution. If I wasnt enrolled here, I probably be nowhere to be found.

This year I think will be tough for me. Most my batch mates had graduated and have the label on their sleaves as IT professionals. It will be a big challenge for me to finish this one off and get my diploma at the end of the school year. I just hope my professors wouldn't take it tough on me( pleeeeease! ).

I enrolled SystemsAnalysis&Design 2, Software Enginerring 2, ROTC and the OJT. Technically, I think I can pass this with flying colors yet I dont know about my attitude. Sometimes i feel like not going to classes, feeling bored, a lil ashame as I think I dont belong there anymore. I think this will be the biggest factor I'll have to consider in passing my subjects. I just hope I can get a motivation or inspiration at school so I can have the drive to get it done. ( I'm thinking what/who will it be. LOL )

Wish me luck and may God help I.


4 thoughts on “back2school

  1. roly

    hi, mark:

    congrats on the newest notebook p.c. inggit naman ako. i only have a toshiba satellite L30-C330, (centrino processor, 256 mbddr2 memory, 40 gig hard drive, dvd-cd rw combo. bottom of the line talaga. My daughter Sheryl offerd to pay the monthly amortization (zero interest) of 2,470 for one year, until march 2008.

    I wanted something much more powerful like the one you have, but since di ako ang magbayad, nahiya ako, i picked the cheaper one.

    congrats din on the decision to go back to school. this might be the best decision you made in your life. di man god puedi na ability lang without credentials. with a lot of skills you can go far, but you can go further with the right credentials. I will even encourage you to go Graduate School after college, even if only for a few units. A masters degree in information technology gets you much higher pay and more projects, coupled with increasing experience and skills.

    have a great day.


  2. Marco

    Hi Uncle,

    thanx for dropping by..

    Yeap I’ll try my best to get this school stuff done..

    and yes about my notebook. I opted to buy something powerful coz I really need to speed
    up on work.

  3. maui

    hi marco, tnx for acknowledging me in ur blog/site. out of boredom i was googling my name “maui” and that’s how i discovered ur blog. i was always been impressed and proud of ur programming skills and so as ur programming coach i found no need to coach and enhance ur skills further coz i know that ur way better than i am. i’m glad that u decided to go to school again and i wish that u’ll graduate soon. ur uncle is right, iba talaga pag may credentials ka. goodluck!

  4. andhotbot

    hi there Ma’am.
    tnx for droppin by. one thing, I didnt know my blog was rankin in the SERPs for googling the keyword “maui” 🙂
    anyways thanx for everything Ma’am, thanx for explainin the lessons crystal clear and that was when all of my programming know-how started.
    Good luck too in running IC.


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