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2015 New year’s day happened just a few weeks and there were tons of things I wanna write and share that happened on the months i did not touch this blog.  Primary reason i hesitate on writing is that this blog was hosted on a free hosting at Don’t get me wrong though, they gave me a truly excellent service as a free host and all of the items they stated as part of their free service was there and more. I can’t say anything bad about byet hosting in fact i can confidently say, and with a firsthand experience that arguably they offer the best free hosting service on the internet. I am speaking of course in terms of having a blog or personal websites which are written in PHP as it’s the only thing i tested. So all in all my experience was great and If i need a free hosting they’re my top choice. But then again as a free hosting it has it’s share of limitation, for one they only allow a certain amount of traffic per day and if your site reach that thresold your site will get suspended and re upped the following day when the traffic cap is reset and second big issue for me is the security, they would not be held liable if anything happens to your site, if it gets take down by stupid hackers then their hands are clean or if something goes awry and you lost all your data then they’ll have nothing to do with it. I am not sure though if this is really in their terms but that’s the way i see it. I mean, it’s free right, so you are entitled to NO help, you get your hosting as it is. So there, those reasons contributed why i hesitate to blog regularly and put tremendous effort in blogging.

Now since it’s a new year, and i was lucky, I struck a deal over a long time friend over the internet that i fix something for him and in exchange i’ll ask a small space on one of his many servers and he agreed. So this blog is now hosted on a decent server, and i do hope this blog get’s hosted here until the internet crashes.

On it’s new home, this blog should be on full blast i hope so, like i’m gonna do a makeover on it maybe install some cool templates and some seo plugins to increase my web presence and more importantly. i’ll try to write stuffs regularly and perhaps try to integrate a page for my wife, I should get her to write once in a while, i know she can she’s just shy and maybe she doesn’t want to get embarassed coz she thinks i’m gonna criticize if she constructs sentences wrong. I don’t, i for one am terrible at grammar let alone spellings or proper form of words. I just let them pass, english is not my primary language and i don’t have any degree on communication or an expert training so understandably there will be a lot of times that i will make a mistake in writing. Plus i hate to proofread it’s time consuming and i like to write in free flowing manner and then read all at once and then laugh at my mistake and say in my head “what the hell was i thinking that time!”.

Ok, so this blog post end’s here and happy new year everyone!

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