i can see clearly now na na na na…


I’m singing now and happily so because as that famous line says, i can see clearly now, but it’s not because of the rain or the clouds have left but it’s because i finally had the time to get my eyes checked. I knew something was wrong with them because reading letters from a distance are getting harder and harder and I can’t see the faces of people on the mall walking from a distance from me. Friends might have thought i was some sort of a snob if somehow i would not give a nod when we happen to come across at the mall but the truth is i can hardly see your faces. It’s like a big dot to me walking from a far.

So this checkup was unplanned. My wife and I just decided that we’re gonna head to NCCC mall, actually it’s the 3rd mall we’ve been to this day, to buy some honey and she said she’s gonna buy some dappies too for our baby. Never did we plan to get some checkup and stuffs, so after finishing with our grocery we came across this Executive Optical shop and so I recalled and said to my wife maybe we should ask about how much will it cost to get my eyes checked and that’s where it all began. I went inside and have the doctor checked my eyes with a machine where you will view a little house and wait for moments for it to appear crystal clear. From that the computer will determine if your vision is still perfect or not. Mine was not and far at that. Then i had my eyes re-checked by the doc this time inside her clinic where you will be asked to sit in a chair and view those letters from the machine while the doc changes the lens and ask you which lens are the clearest. In no time the doc determined which lens are for my eyes and she asked if how much time I am spending at the computer whether i am spending 8 hours or so and I swear I  could have told her, “You have no idea!”. So with the doctors recommendation, i bought the lenses and glasses from their shop to which we were asked to return in an hour and a half because the lens needed to be made. We returned afterwards and got myself the glasses with the frame i chose and it was perfect, the moment i wore the glass i was reading all small printed letters from a far and it was like you switching from your standard dvd to a bluray! I looked at the face of my wife and my daughter and they we’re much much prettier than their blurry faces i used to see. These glasses are like the greatest gift I received in a really really long time.


So i was saying that because this is like the greatest gift i received, it’s just a must and reasonable that I put it into great use and not waste it. Now that my vision is sparkling clear what do i need to do? Number 1 is, I plan to read the bible more than ever. I have been reading like 1 chapter before this glasses now i should be reading upto 3 chapters a day and it’s just really a small fraction of time i know but still it’s a challenge, and it’s a challenge i know i can overcome. I’m gonna make it 5 chapters! Really, I am just so happy with these glasses and there’s no one that I should be most thankful to but God. He made this possible. I was praying to him that he make me better because honestly before this glasses, like last night for example while I was writing the the blog post about the “God’s not dead” movie, it was a struggle. I can’t stare at my computer screen without half closing my eyes to let as little light as possible enter my eyes and perhaps maybe focus on a small area on the screen so i can see well the letters. My head is like about to explode and I just finished it because i felt that i would endure no matter what just for that post to be publish because it was one of my strongest blog post professing my faith. And just because of that, remember friends just because of that, God rewarded me with this amazing gift. Ok, don’t pull the genius card on me and tell to my face that I could just have headed to the doctor when i had the symptoms and spare you with the faith lecture, because it’s not gonna work. Life does not work like that, you can’t alter the circumstances, the chances. God works in my life, and if you feel he does not work in you and it looks like you can do everything you do without anyone looking out for you, like for example you do some things that you know God doesn’t approve of and you feel confident that it’s just OK because there’s no sign that God aint liking it, then I suggest you to start fearing the outcome of your life because if God is not giving any look about anything in your life then that’s bad news. You’re life could be the happiest and most perfect on earth but what happens when it’s over?! and you know it will be over, right? and you know very well what God said in the bible about what’s gonna happen after our life here on earth.


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