whew! at last I got a shot to watch smallville from the start. I bought a dvd pack of smalleville's complete season. I spend the whole break watching all episodes from the start. There were some i remembered I finished watching but there were a lot I missed. I always wanted to watch this episodes every tuesdays yet i dont have my own tv before and recently that I got one i cant watch because of work schedules. This break was great, it kinda relieved the lighter side of life for me. I had been workaholic this past months, i loved the feeling of having a relax moment watching dvd of ur favorite superhero. Guess I always wanted to be a superhero(well who else don't). Not to mention the fact that Lana Lang was there, hehehe.. well Lois Lane is a great addition. I cant help but mention the fact that this tv series is amazing. I always had appreciated it even the first time I saw it aired in tv. The storyline really is awesome plus the fact that the actors really did a good Job. The soundtracks too were cool. To the creators of this, I salute you guys. I hope one day, i can write a story that would make sense as yours. Smallville is highly recommended!!!

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