wow! my blog was hacked :D


the highlighted text are the code they added. although at this time I already commented it out

i don’t know how they were able to change my .htaccess but they did!

well this blog is running under a free host where i don’t spend a single cent so i am in no position to complain.

It’s possible that because this is on a shared server a hacker might have been able to gain access to one of those sites running in this server and was able to find his way through this blog.

anyways, what they did is they wrote a directive on my .htaccess file where it redirects all traffics coming from devices not considered a desktop or laptop! in short all mobile devices and what’s worst is it was some sort of a porn site! wow! we’ll this is what you get if you are a cheapskate like me. i guess i can’t do anything to harden the security of this website, i’ll just hope and pray that they’ll leave this blog alone and at the same time i’ll just have to check this from time to time and see if any quirks are going on.

1 thought on “wow! my blog was hacked :D

  1. barry

    Hey, it’s Barry. Did you find out if your blog was hacked or was my hosting account hacked? Hit me up on skype and let me know


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