new notebook


Finally. I get to buy my own notebook. This can add mobility for me. Probably im gonna use this when im going back to school soon. This is not that high-end though, yet i can feel it can serve its purpose. My mom bought it at RASI for me. It cost almost Php 50k. Well its kinda expensive but what can i do, its one of the cheapest here in our place. The specs are Intel Centrinoâ„¢ 1.86ghz, 1gig DDR, 128vid, 60gig hd. Its brandname is HPÂ Pavillion dv1000, probably a 2004-2005 realease. Not bad, hehehe. Well I think thats pretty much it. Im just happy today getting something out of real HARDWORK.


One thought on “new notebook

  1. shawn

    WOW MAN!(need to wipe my droll first) that’s kinda awesome.. sure you are one heck of the richest, keepit’ up m’man!


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