SugarCRM autoinstaller for cPanel

This app will install sugarCrm 4.5.1(more info) on your website. NO FTP UPLOAD, NO CONFIGURATION, NO DATABASE SETUP needed. In 10secs, you are ready to use your sugarCRM. provided that it is using cpanel.

I had developed this when i was working for a client's website and he needs to have crm distributed to his remote websites. So it lead me to writing this app so i could install sugarCrm instanly. So now im gonna share it coz i think it will be useful for the sugarCrm users. Just supply the necessary information to install sugarCrm and then visit your website. access admin using uname = admin, pass = admin. have fun.


url ( w/o “http://www” ex. “”, “”)
cpanel username ( username for your cpanel )
cpanel password ( password for your cpanel )
directory (leave blank to install on root, use 1 level folder ex. “crm” and NOT “my/install/crm” )
cpaneltheme (your cpanel theme, commonly “x”)
Note: This is an independent application and any unwanted events occuring will not cause this app to be responsible, By clicking the install button it means that you understand and accept this notice
Approximate install time 10secs. may vary depending on your server and my server status


2 thoughts on “SugarCRM autoinstaller for cPanel

  1. Roonzterz

    Wow, This is cool man. Expect that visitors will sworn over this installer:) Yo, Marco you made life easier for us than spending too much time in uploading files via ftp:) Hope to see more versions of other opensource applications. You are the choiest hehehe


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