the blogoshpere effect

I just realize that more and more people get into blogging everyday. some are occassional bloggers, some only shakes at start and some seem to not like the idea at all and tend to leave their blogsite untouched, some seems to busy to take care of it. But me, hehehe, im trying to find times to post(I wonder when was the last time i posted?)Â and develop this blog site into a site which doesnt only tackle about my stupidness but a site which can contribute to the web residents. There are so much stuffs i have learned in the internet and i must give back in return. well it'll not be long then i will develop some useful webservices. its coming soon guys.


3 thoughts on “the blogoshpere effect

  1. padz

    way the go marco..

    you are the founder of this blogosphere thing among the chois and you inspired us in making our own blogs, lol. anyways, thanks for sharing your webspace with us man.

    P.S. share some clients with us.. lol


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