december again

yo guys. its december again. its probably the first december i spent where i got some extra money in my pockets. Well I bought some stuffs for my siblings at home so they could have some fun. Twas the ps2 and a sony 21″ tv. I can see them having fun playing. For our noche buena well it was just usual except for the fact that I did have share in buying and deciding the foods that we will buy. Well i kinda wanna spoil them with things that i can afford. LOL.

The only unusual thing in this month is my tonsils. I got a mild tonsilitis, probably because of the sweet foods i ate. It made me lie down in bed for 2 days, well pretty thankful coz i felt that i had a long sleep again. I wanted to work but it seems that my throat really bothers me. Well i'm quite ok now and here again back in web being online. Probably doing business?

I hope we have all our share of this great december season, afterall more than half of the world have some celebrations during this month.


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