Pheeew. At last, its approacing 5:00pm at L.A., California. Which means i can get my rest again for the weekend and probably have a little more sleeping time compared to regular days. What a long week, seemed i forgot already how to get some quality sleep. All i have this week was series of naps. I dont know how long can my body take this kind of lifestyle, but i do hope it will adapt so i can work more and more each day. Im pushing my body to the limit this time.

Other than sleeping what plans have i got for this weekend? hmmmm.. im not sure, i guess still spending it with my pc. What a boring life. lol. But what can i do? if i wont work i loose some clients so i got no choice. Anyways, im still enjoying this kind of lifestyle it is just sometimes that i missed my old routines and the attitude. I missed the kind of life wherein i can just hangaround play with my skate get drunk and then sleep. no concers of whatsoever about tomorrow and the coming future. No Hope as well. Well that wasnt as good but it was fun. You? Which would you prefer? having fun or go with the not-so-enjoyable yet the more-common-way of living life? watcha' think?


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